Empowering imprisoned mothers to alleviate family challenges, through education, knowledge and access to different role models. We connect volunteer lawyers with imprisoned mothers to help maintain crucial family ties while the mothers are separated from their children.


Key considerations for imprisoned mothers

The length of a mother’s sentence will have an impact on the care arrangements put in place for her child or children.
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The child’s best interests are the most important factor in any decision relating to them, including what is best for their safety, care, development, relationships with whānau and iwi, culture and identity.
Guardians have responsibility for making the important decisions about a child’s life, including about their medical care, schooling and where they live.
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A mother can choose who cares for her child or children while she is imprisoned unless the child has another guardian who is not imprisoned.

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Meet Pania

She is serving a short sentence and
has three children under six.

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Meet Ria

She is concerned about what happens to her young children while she serves her medium-term sentence.

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Meet Hana

She is four months pregnant and
facing up to ten years in prison.

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